Thank yous

This event takes a lot of work, and many people have helped to make it what it is through support financial and otherwise. They are:

Paragon Music Trust
John Manley
Alastair Sawday
Jo Gipps
Steve & Judith
Alan Sainer
The Rees family
Heather and Mike Davis
Sonya Clifton
Bozana Easty
Sam, Nic and Margot Cooper
The King-Clines
St Michael's Church Battersea
Bob Pinniger & Bristol Music Club
Jess Wright & Zion Bristol
Sophie Fox & Café Create
Catherine Freda & St George's Bristol
Cheddar Grove Primary
Ruth Cooper & Opus 13
Nick Woodward & Bristol Violin Shop
Eiron Bailey & Bristol Plays Music
Jon James & Bristol Pre-Con
Jenna Brown & Lilliput Concerts
Bristol University Music Department
Flowers by Alison
The musicians
The volunteers
The craftworkers
The audience