Absolutely amazing. I was transfixed and mesmerised. I am so glad I made it - one of the best evenings of my year. Thank you so much.

What an incredible treat & privilege! It is an experience sadly missed by thousands of Bristolians! Keep it going, & I will spread the word. I got goosebumps. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We have a wealth of music in Bristol, but this was a real highlight!

Absolutely fabulous! A wonderful concept + expertly delivered. We intended to stay for an hour - Stayed for 2 1/2 hours. Thank you!

This is a fantastic event - made me very happy! I loved everything about it - the generosity, enthusiasm + skill of the musicians - the delightful repertoire - the venue, the laid back atmosphere - to be allowed to come + go, + pay accordingly - yes, everything about it is brilliant. More people need to know about it.

Highlight of the year. Please please come again next year.

Thank you. Another successful event. As soon as the first note is struck I am transported to a better place and transformed to a more content being. With appreciation!

Defies all superlatives, musically, and in terms of organisation & creating a lovely atmosphere

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talents and enthusiasm! Please come back to play in Bristol soon.

What fantastic playing - such effortless skill - so involved - all the emotions of the music showing on your faces + bodies! I loved the communication between you. I loved the variety of music. I don’t normally go to classical music concerts - but I so loved this small scale stuff, that I’m going to look out for it in future. I also liked the informality and the fact you looked like you were having fun. Stupendous! It took me quite out of myself … I feel drained but exhilarated - what do you all feel like?!!

Music-making of the highest quality in an informal setting. Beautiful music played with total involvement, enthusiasm and joy. Loved it!

Congratulations on another super weekend of vivid, stylish and natural, friendly music-making !

Many, many congratulations on such an inspiring festival over the weekend, the music played was outstandingly and a treat to listen to.

What a delight it was to have you and your group provide such a unique and enthralling performance - a brilliant  opportunity for our year 3 children! I have to say you worked expertly with the children using your story-telling.

Very enjoyable. Lovely informal atmosphere.

Thank you so much, again, for putting this event on! It’s been in our diary since it was announced - & it will be again next year if you return. You are fantastic, and the session couldn’t be more friendly. Keep up the great work.

The last hour and a half have been an absolute oasis in a busy life.

Made a point of coming again this year as we have enjoyed this so much previously. Deserves to be much better known. Great mix of sheer delight, fine musicianship and some lightly-conveyed education about the pieces performed.

That was lovely. I loved hearing the old instruments.

Superb, wonderful series / event. Please, please, please do it again - + again! - with lots of publicity. Thank you SO MUCH.

So much talent, so gracefully deployed! Thanks for a delightful experience!

Please move to Bristol permanently […] Fantastic music weekend.

A wonderful initiative and beautiful music, discovered by chance on a visit to Bristol.

Worth coming 1000 miles to hear such wonderful music. I’m now hooked on hearing the old instruments. Fantastic musicianship in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

A tremendous idea, what a great way to make classical music of such a good quality in front of a different audience - without compromising on quality or repertoire, as a lot of “accessible” events are tempted to. Musicians and audience plainly enjoying it hugely, proving one can be serious about classical music without any affected reverence or fussiness. Keep it going!

Still jittering from the Haydn concerto.

Magnificent music, passionately performed in a welcoming & informal setting.

Exquisite. Just how it should be. More next year please!

A wonderful programme of ​​​​​​​​ great music in the true sense of the word.

Lovely morning - thanks for the enthusiastic performances + kid-friendly attitude.

Thanks for a great afternoon! The kids loved the stories + music.

Don’t stop! Perfect combination of music, dance & play for the kids. The musicians are very friendly & great with the kids.

That was a truly remarkable experience, thank you all. What a privilege to have access to you all & the real, organic music & its compelling sound in such a relaxed setting. You had thought of everything & we were very impressed. This seems to me to be the way forward for the classics, no booking palaver, no parking problems, no set time, only one's own preference & snacks & drinks available too.

First time.
Thanks so much.

Outstanding! Full of energy and dedication!

We’ve had a lovely morning - a relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy some beautiful music (and chew felt pens). Thank you!

outstanding performances from all of the group. Long live the historical instruments !!

Thank you for a fabulous session! Our children (3/6/8) really enjoyed the music, play & interactive opportunities. As parents we very much appreciated the opportunity to give our children a classical music experience in an easy & relaxed environment, many thanks.

We had such a lovely music time with our children here. Thank you so much for the very good music, the relaxed atmosphere and the fun of music. Our kids want a cello now! Thx.


Thank you for a marvellous weekend of music as usual. […] You give such love & joy in such a relaxed way in this unique building.

Amazing - I only wish that I knew about the event earlier - I would have planned ahead in order to attend more of it! Amazing line up of young, passionate musicians!

A wonderful musical event. First time we have been. I liked the informality & it was good to see how much the musicians enjoyed their playing. (String quartets can often be too intense & a bit precious - not these!) Thank you.​

Thanks for a great afternoon! The kids loved the stories + music. Many thanks for organizing once again this brilliant mini-festival.  I love the intimate format, the gurgling babies, the programme, the excellence of performance.  It surprises me how few knew about the event.

Wonderful music and musicianship. The period instruments make it special, along with the informal + intimate setting. Bravo to all.

Enjoyed very much the enthusiastic & energetic playing.

Another year another brilliant ensemble and what a performance. I went for the Friday evening slots. I actively encouraged a few friends. All those who went loved every bit of it! I wish you guys played every weekend!

Another wonderful weekend - full of energy, wit, character, individuality - thank you for another life-enhancing event. Thank you.

Fantastic players! Wonderful choice of music!

something to look forward to each May.

Wonderful! Heard only today & could not stay long but a lovely interval in our busy weekend. May prosper - Kaffeekonzert is a lovely idea.

Fab! only made the last 3 items but really wonderful.


10/10! For musicianship, enthusiasm and evident enjoyment of the performers. And the informative + witty introductions. And the relaxed vibe!

Absolutely lovely, yet again

One of the most joyful and pure experience[s] in my life. I am full of admiration for these talented and gifted people. The music itself was so uplifting, as well as the knowledge that so much effort and practice has gone into this event.

C.P.E Bach and Empfindsamkeit / Sensibility: “Aus der Seele muss man spielen und nicht wie ein abgerichteter Vogel” (1753) [trans. "One must play from the heart and not like a trained bird."] Thanks for such a varied opportunity to hear him. A joy for us too!

Excellent!!! Strong medicine but Excellent!!!

Excellent! Très bien! Bravo!

Fantastic music + most enjoyable.

WONDERFUL Music playing.

Great idea that really worked. Beautiful playing, lots of variety, do it again please!

An absolutely exhilarating afternoon / evening of fantastic music! - it doesn’t happen out of thin air - these amazing young musicians need financial backing to bring this music to the community (appealing to all ages). - Hoping funding continues - for the delight of everyone who attends + loves classical music.


Many thanks for a warm welcome and super music (and so organised!)

Wonderful music! It made me think of whisky, a drink I never really understood until I had the right whisky at the right time.

Treble clef by Lizzie Rees