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Here you can find contact details, directions & accessibility, why we need sponsorship, links to related sites, and some archived files from the past three years.


Thoughts, suggestions, repertoire requests? Send an email to jon@reallyclassicalrelay.co.uk


The Bristol Music Club is located at 76 St Paul’s Road, Bristol, BS8 1LP.

The nearest car park is:  West End Car Park , Jacob's Wells Rd, BS8 1EH. Limited parking is also possible on small streets surrounding the Music Club.

There are plenty of bike racks near the venue. We are currently working to organise a dedicated bike rack for the festival.

Bristol Music Club is wheel-chair friendly.

BMC is served by bus routes including 8 and 9: details at firstgroup.com .



We've been able to put on the Relay for four years because of a small amount of private investment which has covered musicians' fees, hall hire, transport, advertising, catering. We've been generously helped by volunteers helping by hosting musicians locally and in many roles during the festival.

We need yearly sponsorship for both the Bristol festival and our additional education and outreach work. Can you help, or do you have links to someone, or a local business who might be able to?

With enough money, we would also develop the festival in the following ways:
Expand the outreach programme, including giving workshops in schools and performances in places with very little access to live music, such as day centres.
Develop our green credentials.

In return for your support, we can:
Mention your name on a sponsors’ list.
Put your business’ branding on advertising materials, including on adverts in local magazines and newspapers, and on flyers distributed across Bristol.
Offer free or reduced-rate concerts / background music for your own events.
Propose more creative ways of expressing our gratitude. Are you yourself a musician who might like an opportunity to play with us?


Leo Duarte
Star oboeist

Jonathan Rees
Cellist and viol player from Bristol

Vladimir Waltham
Berlin & London based player of the modern and baroque cello

John Crockatt
Violin and viola player, Tai Chi, Chaucer and marsh exploration enthusiast

Really Classical Relay
Our facebook page :)

Duo Domenico
Cellist duo rocking an astonishing variety of cellos

Services and campaigns to support the human rights of people with disabilities

Yarrow Housing
West London organisation for individuals with learning disabilities

Clifton-based arts centre serving music lovers from a wide area

Ben Gage
Puppet master and video-maker extraordinaire


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Audience feedback - 2015

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