How it works

Live music played continuously by professional musicians from the start to the end of the weekend
(except the small hours). 

Music by Classical composers
such as Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart and contemporaries.
And a few folk tunes for good measure.
Historical instruments
just like what the composers had in mind - gut strings, curious shaped bows, a real fortepiano with original special effects pedals ...
Pay what you can depending on how long you’ve stayed and how much you’ve enjoyed it. We'll give you some guide prices, just like in museums.
Regular ​short breaks between pieces allow you to arrive and leave when you want.

Buy yourself some tasty things to eat and drink from Café Create and the licensed bar, and bring it in to enjoy as you listen.
Locally produced ​​​​ craftworks on sale.
relaxed and friendly performance space, filled with cushions and rugs to sit on (and chairs), conveniently placed tables and greenery.
We've put together two different children's concerts with lots of interactive bits and 360 live surround sound! One is for very young children and is about a Nighting-Ox, the other is for primary school age children and involves a terrifying sea-monster